About Your Full Plate

Welcome to Your Full Plate!  Thank you so much for being here!  I write about realistic ways to improve your health and take great care of you, even if you feel like you have no time and can’t even remember the last time you didn’t feel like crap.

What You’ll Find Here

I want you to feel comfortable here, so here’s a snapshot of the contents of Your Full Plate:

  • Recipes, recipes, recipes!  I really really love food, and every time I come up with a recipe with is easy to make, healthy, and so delicious that I can feed it to non-health-conscious people with my head held high, I share it with you.
  • Time management techniques  so you spend less time on bullshit and have more time free to take good care of you.
  • Self esteem and body love boosting tips and ideas and food for thought, because all the healthy recipes in the world won’t do a thing unless you recognize yourself for the amazing, lovable person you are.
  • Corny jokes and “salty” language, as my Dad likes to say.

What You Won’t Find Here

  • Pressure to do or be anything that doesn’t feel good to you
  • Strict rules about what is the “right” way to eat and exercise.  That’s all up to you, honey
  • The “no pain no gain”, push-yourself-until-you-vomit philosophy. Some people turn their lives around once a mean person calls them a pussy and insults them into action. That’s not my style.  Sorry!
  • Recommendations for anything that aren’t 100% genuine and honest from the bottom of my little heart.  If I tell you to use it, I think it’s awesome. If I don’t think it’s awesome, I’ll tell you why so you can decide whether you want to try it.

Why I Started Your Full Plate

I created Your Full Plate show you that the way to health can be fun, tasty, and feel great; and that you yourself know the way to get there better than anyone else.  I feel like as women, we’re these magical creatures who have been taught to hate ourselves.  My road to loving myself began with my weight loss struggles, so that’s why I share most often through that lens.

More than anything else, I want to make you feel good about who you are right at this very moment.  I am passionate about spreading the important message that loving yourself is the most important part of your health. I will say that to you until you want to puke.

That being said, I am realistic and I understand that your life is packed to the brim and not getting unpacked anytime soon. Your Full Plate is here to help you figure out how to consistently move in the direction of health and joy within the very busy life that you are living.

The world probably isn’t going to slow down, but you can learn techniques for living in it without flushing your health and wellness down the toilet.  You might not have time to spend hours in the kitchen or want to change who you are, but you still deserve to feel great.

There’s a solution to absolutely any problem you are facing right now, and I will share every single valuable idea, recipe, and bad pun I can find to get you there.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!  This Tina Turner song only begins to express the way I feel about you.

I'm Marla Hamilton, and this is my blog. I write it because I want to make it very easy for you to feel healthy and great about yourself.Read more about me here.
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