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This page contains a collection of goodies that I love and very highly recommend.   I have personally used every product and service listed, so just ask me if you have questions about any of them.  I’ll constantly update this page as I learn more. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer:  Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you click on them through my site and make a purchase.  However, please be assured that  I share these resources with you because they’re incredibly helpful, not because of the money (honey). 

Books, Kitchen Gadgets, Fitness Tools, Whatever

The Your Full Plate Shop on Amazon contains an awesome variety of YFP-approved products – it’s an internet haven of self help books, cooking oil, and yoga mats as far as the eye can see.

Personal Development

Speaking of internet havens, The Goddess Guidebook Circle truly is a sanctuary online.  You’ll find a beautifully encouraging community of women there, plus valuable courses and meditations.  I’ve found that when I hang out at the Circle, I feel so good that it’s easy to take excellent care of myself.  I received the value of my membership fee several times over within a week of signing up.

I’ve been listening to Hay House Radio nearly every single day for years.  It’s a streaming internet radio station featuring shows by world-famous self help authors.  It’s lovely pick-me-up, and I promise you’ll learn something useful if you give it a listen.  It’s totally free, too.

This lovely website and other internet business

This site is hosted on Bluehost.  They have fabulous support.  Purchase your hosting through them if you’re anything like me, meaning techie shit makes you want to pull your hair out.

This blog runs on the WordPress Theme Headway.  I really wanted to make the design of Your Full Plate something to be proud of, but I know diddly squat about coding.  Headway has proven to me that I can have a beautiful, professional-looking, well-functioning blog anyway.



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